After redwood trees and fishing, early arrivals in the Yokayo Rancho area also made their living raising cattle and sheep. And they planted crops like pears, prunes, apples, hops…and of course, wine grapes. Some of those early vineyards, many planted by Italian emigrants whose families still live in Mendocino County, continue to produce grapes today. From the County line just south of Hopland to Willits in the north and Anderson Valley to the west, Mendocino County winegrapes cover over 17,000 acres, and, at 25%, the County has one of the highest percentages of organically-farmed grapes in California.


  • Rainbow Ag

    Rainbow Ag

    235 E Perkins St, Ukiah

    (707) 462-2404

    Daily, 8-6

    America's Country Store

  • Ukiah Natural Foods

    Ukiah Natural Foods

    721 S State St, Ukiah

    (707) 462-4778

    Daily, 7-8

    Locally Grown since 1976

  • Incognito


    178 E Gobbi St, Ukiah

    (707) 463-2624

    Mon-Sat, 10-5:30

    Costumes, Party Gifts and Accessories

Restaurants & Lounges

  • Be-Bops Diner

    Be-Bops Diner

    1200 S State St, Ukiah

    (707) 462-1750

    Daily, 11-8

    Ukiah's #1 Burger Destination

  • The Pub

    The Pub

    585 N State St, Ukiah

    (707) 468-8661

    Daily, 12-2am

    Traditional American Food and Bar

  • Taqueria Jalos

    Taqueria Jalos

    1130 S State St, Ukiah

    (707) 462-1152

    Daily, 9-9

    Best Mexican Food in Town

Drinks and Tasting

  • Mendocino Spirits/Tamar Distillery

    Mendocino Spirits/Tamar Distillery

    1110 Bel Arbres Rd, Redwood Valley

    (707) 485-2491

    Tue-Fri, 12-5

    Award Winning Spirits 

  • Powicana Farm

    Powicana Farm

    3350 Road B, Redwood Valley

    (760) 840-0918

    By Appointment Only

    Best of Class, Raw wines 

  • Frey Vineyards

    Frey Vineyards

    14000 Tomki Rd, Redwood Valley

    (707) 485-7875

    By Appointment Only

    America's First Organic and Biodynamic Winery


  • City of 10,000 Buddhas

    City of 10,000 Buddhas

    4951 Bodhi Way, Ukiah

    (707) 462-0939

    Open Daily

    1st US Buddhist Monastic Community & School

  • Ukiah Valley Athletic Club

    Ukiah Valley Athletic Club

    3101 S State St, Ukiah

    (707) 468-0441

    Daily, 5am-9pm

    Premier Health and Fitness Club

  • Ukiah Valley Golf Course

    Ukiah Valley Golf Course

    599 Park Blvd, Ukiah

    (707) 467-2832

    Daily, 9-6

    Since 1931 Sloping Majestic Hills